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Since 2009, we have been the first choice for residential AC and HVAC services in Orlando, Florida. Our goal is to keep you and your family comfortable during in the Orlando heat while keeping maintenance and operating costs low. As a Class A Licensed, NATE-Certified business, our technicians have the knowledge and experience required to meet all of your needs while still delivering the best customer service and fair prices.

Our Residential AC and HVAC Services
We understand that Orlando residents have different cooling needs, and there are many different air conditioning systems in use. Our technicians are qualified to work on all types of AC and HVAC systems, including ductless, mini-split, geothermal, heat pumps, solar-powered, and high efficiency cooling systems, as well as all types of air ducts for home HVAC systems. We specialize in energy-saving AC solutions and have a large selection of EnergyStar equipment.

When you call us for residential AC services in Orlando, you can count on our experts to find the right solution for your needs, not ours. All recommendations are given to be cost-effective for both now and the long-term. These are just some of the home AC services we can help with:

• 24/7 home air conditioning repairs
• Seasonal AC maintenance
• New HVAC system design and installation
• AC replacement and upgrades
• Air duct testing and sealing
• Indoor air quality services
• Help obtaining tax rebates
• FREE mold testing

Air Conditioning Repair
We are Licensed and NATE Certified to work on all types, makes and models of home AC systems, including modern high-efficiency cooling systems. Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency AC repairs and always come equipped with all the tools and replacement parts needed for common AC problems. You will never have to wait for us to drive around and find a spare part! Orlando residents have come to rely on us for all their AC needs because they know we are honest and affordable. Don’t overpay for AC repair when our experts have the cost-effective solutions you need now.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance
It is highly recommended that you have your AC system tuned up at least once per year before the cooling system begins. As part of our preventative maintenance AC services, our technicians will inspect and maintain all parts of your cooling system. This includes lubricating all moving parts, cleaning coils, tightening electrical components and fan belts, checking thermostat function, cleaning drainage tubes, and more. Yearly maintenance is vital to make sure that no preventable breakdowns occur, and also that your AC system is working efficiently. We are so confident that our AC maintenance services will improve the efficiency of your system that we guarantee you will save $79 on your annual utility bills.

Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation
There is much more to replacing your air conditioning than hooking up a new unit. Most AC systems in Florida have not been properly sized, and thus they are operating inefficiently and prone to mechanical breakdowns. We calculate your real AC needs by performing Manual J load calculations and do not use the unreliable method of sizing based on square footage. When we install your new AC unit, you can rest assured that it will be sized properly and that it will be installed correctly so no malfunctions occur. All of our products are backed by some of the longest industry warranties, are energy-efficient, and many also qualify for green tax rebates.

Air Conditioning Upgrades
If you are tired of spending a fortune on your cooling bills, and sick of having uneven cooling throughout your home, it may be time to upgrade your AC system. We specialize in energy-saving AC upgrades. Our recommendations are tailored to meet your unique cooling needs. An energy consultant will not only analyze your current cooling system and usage, but talk about your goals. Then a few different courses of action will be recommended. All recommended upgrades are cost-effective and have a guaranteed ROI. Solutions range from small steps like duct sealing or installing a programmable thermostat, to overhauling the entire AC system with upgrades to a high SEER unit and new ductwork.

Indoor Air Quality Services
We are Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE) with a focus on AC systems and air quality. Our technicians can help you find the right cost-effective solutions for removing pollutants from the air in your home. Our selection of UV Lights and Filtration systems are the most effective on the market today, and all products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer free complete AC mold inspections to ensure that there is no mold growing in your ducts or AC parts. If mold is detected, we provide free reports on recommended steps to take.

Get a free estimate on AC services today! Just contact us to let us know what your problem is and we will get back to you promptly. If you have an AC emergency, you can contact us 24/7 for immediate service.
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