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At Orlando HVAC and Air Conditioning Pros, we understand that running an AC unit can consume substantial amounts of energy, and that you don’t want to suffer the heat just to save money. Our goal is to save you money on AC by offering cost-effective solutions.

Why Choose Us for AC Money Saving Solutions?
• Specializing in money-saving AC solutions
• Class A Licensed and IICRC Certified
• Residential and commercial solutions
• A+ Rating with the BBB
• Affordable rates and free estimates
• Help with tax rebates
• Solutions tailored to your needs, not ours!

Residential AC Upgrades
Upgrading your home AC system is much more affordable than you may realize. And, thanks to tax rebates and immediate energy savings, the investment can quickly pay off. Some of the signs that you should consider upgrading your home AC system include:
• Your utility bills are very high
• Your AC system is more than 10 years old
• Your AC system is subject to frequent breakdowns
• Some rooms are cooled more than others
• You are performing a major remodel

Cooling accounts for about 40% of utility bill costs for typical Floridians. By upgrading to a newer AC system, you can reduce your utility bills substantially. Just by upgrading from a SEER 10 unit to a SEER 13 unit (which is now the minimum efficiency level of all new AC units), you could improve efficiency by 30%. By making other energy-saving upgrades, such as installing programmable thermostats, using zoned AC, or sealing ducts, you could cut your cooling bills by half or more.

Our AC technicians are Licensed and Certified. As a locally-based Orlando AC business, we understand how important it is for our customers to have a reliable cooling system. You can count on us to be honest and clearly explain all recommended solutions.

Commercial AC Upgrades
As a commercial business, you have very different AC needs than the typical home and need an AC contractor who understands this. Since 2009, we have been working with local Orlando businesses to ensure they are getting the AC solutions which best suit their needs.

The first step is to schedule an energy audit with one of our commercial HVAC experts. Our experts take into account the way your property is actually used when performing energy audits. We look at the HVAC system in place and duct work, as well as energy factors like insulation, windows, heat generated from equipment, and zones. By using leading professional equipment such as infrared cameras and duct testers, we are able to give you a comprehensive view of how energy is consumed for cooling in each room of your business.

Based on the information in the energy audit, we can provide recommendations for saving money on cooling costs. Our recommendations are customized to your business to provide the best ROI, both immediately and in the future. We believe in communicating with our commercial clients and building long-term relationships.

Air Duct Money Saving Solutions
If your AC costs are high, oftentimes the problem isn’t just with the efficiency of the AC unit. HVAC air ducts typically lose about 20% to 30% of the air which flows through them, which means you are paying to cool air which never makes it into your home! We highly recommend that all homes and businesses have an air duct blower door and pressure pan test conducted regularly. This test will determine how much of cooled air is being wasted. Further testing can reveal which air ducts are the most problematic. Based on this information, we can come up with a plan for reducing air duct losses. The solution often is simple and affordable, such as sealing air ducts at registers and vents. If your HVAC system is old and in disrepair, then the solutions may be more complex, such as replacing or retrofitting old air ducts, or rerouting ducts away from attics and exterior walls of your home.

AC Zoning Solutions
Not every room in your home or business needs to be cooled to the same comfort level, or at the same time of the day. Air conditioning zoning is a system which allows you to control each room or area (zone) in your property so you optimize comfort while keeping cooling costs low.

Zoning systems usually rely on a system of dampers within your HVAC ducts to control temperature. It is crucial that these dampers are carefully mapped and installed, or else problems like restricted air flow can occur. Our energy experts will help you understand whether zoning is right for you and ensure that systems are well planned. We can also recommend other methods of AC zoning which do not require changes to your HVAC system, such as installing ceiling fans or portable units.

Other Cost-Saving Air Conditioning Solutions
You don’t have to upgrade your entire AC system to save money on cooling costs. There are many small, cost-effective steps which can be taken immediately to improve the efficiency of your AC system and reduce operating costs. Some of these have to do with the way you use your home, such as by putting down blinds during peak sunlight hours. Other methods are with the settings of the AC system itself, such as by simply turning down the thermostat by one or two degrees. Our technicians will advise you on the many things you can do to save on AC costs without having to spend a single penny.

Even small upgrades to your AC system can save considerable amounts of money. For example, we install programmable thermostats in residential HVAC systems and automation controls in commercial HVAC systems. These systems allow you to optimize temperature based on usage, thus reducing operating costs while keeping the property comfortable. Talk to our energy consultations to learn more about how you can reduce AC costs.

Tax Rebates and Incentives for AC Upgrades
The Federal Government offers tax rebates on qualifying AC upgrades. We understand how much these rebates can mean to our customers and make it our prerogative to ensure all customers get the money back that they deserve. When we say that equipment meets the requirements for a tax rebate, it will qualify! We also help our customers get tax rebates by providing them with the necessary paperwork and answering any of their questions.

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