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Without a well-functioning AC system, it isn’t just your employee and customer comfort which will suffer. Your business could suffer from high utility costs, unexpected breakdowns, and costly replacements. At Orlando HVAC and Air Conditioning Pros, we can handle all of your commercial cooling, heating, and ventilation needs. Our technicians are Class A Licensed and NATE-Certified for the job, and ready to help 24/7.

Our HVAC technicians have experience with installation, repair, and servicing:
• Rooftop HVAC
• Air ducts
• Hot water and steam boilers
• Cooling towers and chillers
• Refrigeration units
• Walk-in freezers
• Dehumidification systems
• Ventilation
• Heat pumps
• Air rotation units
• Automation controls

24 Hour HVAC Repair and Service
Don’t let your business suffer downtime while you sit around waiting for HVAC repair services. We offer 24/7 HVAC services in Orlando for businesses of all sizes. Our dispatching system means that we can always get a qualified technician to you promptly, and that the technician will arrive with all the required tools, equipment, and even replacement parts for the job. We understand that HVAC emergencies can mean huge damages to some businesses, such as when refrigeration units malfunction. If necessary, we can dispatch larger teams of technicians to your property to get the job done faster. We are always professional and you can count on our HVAC experts to be polite, clean, keep work areas tidy, and prevent disruptions to your work.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plans for Businesses
We are a leading HVAC provider for Orlando businesses, and many of our customers come from word-of-mouth referrals. Our commercial customers know they can count on us to be thorough, provide expert services, and do so at affordable rates. Rather than offering HVAC maintenance “packages,” we tailor our services to meet each business’s individual needs. Our preventative maintenance plans range from monthly to bi-yearly, and cover all types of HVAC systems, including refrigeration systems.

By having your HVAC system maintained by our professionals, we guarantee that we can lower your annual utility costs. Regular maintenance also prevents costly breakdowns and down time for your business. An additional benefit of our HVAC maintenance plans for Orlando businesses is that we assign dedicated technicians to your account. If you do have a HVAC emergency or require unscheduled service, you have the peace of mind knowing that the technician coming already is familiar with your system. This helps ensure the diagnosis is accurate and the problem is resolved quickly.

Commercial HVAC Design and Installation Services
Whether you want to install a brand new HVAC system or upgrade your unit, we are confident that you will be glad you choose us. Our team understands the importance of proper HVAC design and planning for your business’s success. The right design can mean the difference between high operating costs, uneven cooling, and frequent breakdowns. We always consider room-by-room cooling loss/gains to determine sizing, ventilation requirements, building usage, code requirements, and owner expectations. Whether it is a mini split system or a geothermal system or infrared, our goal is simple: to find the most cost-effective building-specific solution for your business.

We know that time is of the essence and you can’t afford to wait around for HVAC installation services to be complete. Our representatives schedule HVAC installation around your schedule and teams use effective project management methods to make sure jobs are completed swiftly and without disruption to your business.

Proper Sizing Matters!
With both our residential and commercial HVAC customers, we want to emphasize that sizing matters. When a HVAC unit is too large, then the cycle times will be shorter, which means that the unit will never reach its maximum efficiency and operating costs will be higher. Further, because the cycles will be shorter, the unit will not be able to remove humidity from the air as well and moisture problems including mold growth can occur. On the flip side, a HVAC unit which is too small will be overworked and not able to properly cool the property, and its lifespan will be greatly shortened.

To properly size a HVAC unit, it is imperative that Manual J load calculations are taken. If you are replacing your commercial HVAC unit, don’t assume that the new unit will be the same size as the old one. Changes to the building, such as additions or insulation, as well as changes to how the building is used, could affect the needed size of the HVAC unit.

A new HVAC unit is a large investment for your business. Make sure you are getting the right unit for optimal comfort and efficiency. Have us come and calculate HVAC size before you purchase or install a new unit.

HVAC Retrofit Services for Businesses
When choosing a property, businesses usually focus on aspects like location first, and don’t think much about the HVAC system in place. However, it doesn’t take long for business owners to realize the importance of having a HVAC system which is suited for their business type. We understand that you don’t want to invest in a completely new HVAC system, even if it will eventually deliver a ROI by lowering utility costs. We can help you get immediate lower utilities and a much faster ROI by designing a HVAC retrofit to adapt your building’s current system to your exact needs. Our commercial HVAC retrofit services extend to air duct retrofits, system component change-outs, refrigerant updates, and more.

Commercial Business Indoor Air Quality Services
As a commercial business owner, the quality of your indoor air matters. Healthy air means fewer sick days and improved productivity, happier employees, and no worry of legal liability for issues like mold contamination. We are Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE) and specialize in cost-effective methods for improving the quality of air through smart HVAC solutions. Some of the solutions we offer are commercial air purification systems, UV lights, whole-building filtration systems, humidification, and dehumidification systems.

We also offer free complete HVAC mold inspections and all spore samples are tested in an accredited partner laboratory. We made the decision to offer this service for free because we understand how important IAQ is for the health of your employees. If a mold problem is detected, we provide you with a free report on steps which can be taken to solve the contamination. You are under no obligation to follow the recommendations in the report or use our HVAC services. However, we know that our services are competitively priced and that you will be satisfied with our level of expertise.

Custom HVAC Systems and Solutions
Whether you are interested in a complete HVAC design, installing automation controls, zoning, or other heating and cooling services, we are able to help. Contact us today and a Class A Licensed, NATE-Certified HVAC expert will get back to you to discuss the details of your needs.

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